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Kona Coffee, Farm Tours, & Outlet Stores

The slopes of Hualalai Mountain (against which Kona rests) have some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world. Kona Coffee is prized as a gourmet coffee on a par with Jamaica Blue Mountain and other top shelf beans. Known for its rich, robust taste with slight citrus and acidic notes, a cup of Kona Coffee makes a great way to start your day in Kona.

Coffee has been farmed on the slopes of Hualalai for over a century, and many of the farms remain as they were over a hundred years ago - small 5 to 10 acre farms run by families as a part time or full time endeavor. Today, Kona Coffee is sold both through cooperatives and by individual farms with boutique labels. Many farms offer tours and outlet stores, a popular activity for visitors and coffee connoisseurs.

CONSUMER ALERT: Remember when you go to the store that not all beans labeled "Kona Coffee" are 100% Kona Coffee. Often, a Kona blend will contain only 10% Kona Coffee, with the rest being Arabica beans from other places. Most coffee drinkers do not realize this, and often miss out on the full experience of tasting Kona Coffee by buying a 10% blend. While Kona beans do blend well with others, we recommend a 50-50 or two thirds blend with your other bean of choice to get the full effect of Kona taste. So when you shop, make sure to look for 100% Kona Coffee on the bag.

NOTE: All the Brands and Farms Listed Here sell 100% Kona Coffee

Coffee Farm Tours & Farm Outlet Stores

Hula Daddy

Open seven days a week (except for major holidays) from 10 am to 4 pm for free coffee tasting, tours of the orchard and tours of the roasting room.

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Holualoa Kona Coffee Company

We are committed to using only organic farming methods for the health of our trees, ourselves and our planet. Come for the free tours and coffee tasting.

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Bay View Farm

Locally owned and operated Bay View Farm is a proud producer of 100% pure Kona coffee.

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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Join us for a wonderful, informational free tour, and a free cup of our Kona Private Reserve.

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Kona Joe Coffee

We grow our 100% pure Kona Coffee on a trellis using the same techniques as the world's finest vineyards.

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Kona Blue Sky Coffee

Estate grown coffee from Holualoa

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Rows of Kona Coffee Trees


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